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Chicken Rice Recipe


• 1g chicken
• 5 large onions
• 1 small box of concentrated tomato
• 5 garlic cloves, ginger, bay leaf, pepper
• 2 cubes
• 3 large fresh tomatoes
• A red pepper
• 3 large glasses of rice
• Water, salt, pepper, oil
• 3 beautiful and big carrots
• 1 cabbage of diameter 6cm
• Green pepper at will


1. Wash the rice and put it in a sieve
2. Cut the chicken into pieces, clean put in a saucepan; add 3 cloves of garlic, ginger, one slice (quarter) of onion a little pepper, cube mouline and bay leaf. Put on a low heat until it is thigh (adding a glass of water about 5 min) and fry. Once the golden chicken removes them from the oil and put them next
3. Another saucepan heats on a gentle heat 10 tablespoons oil (from the previous frying), the remaining garlic, onion, remaining finely chopped ginger, simmer, stirring occasionally until smooth. (20 min) onion is not thighing.
4. Add the tomato to a can and wait for it to simmer for 10 min, then the crushed tomatoes, crushed chili, half the cube, chicken broth and salt
5. Cabbage and carrots divide into 8 parts, fried chicken; simmer for 10 min
6. Using a perforated spoonful remove the chicken, the 7/10 of the cabbage and carrot a little juice
7. In what remains on the fire, add 4 glass of water the rest of the cube of salt; as soon as it adds rice
8. Stir gently and cook over low heat. As soon as there is more water evaporate cover with a plastic bag then the lid of the Maronite. And reduce the fire.
9. Rice grains peel off when cooked
10. Serve warm in large bowl with juice on; and crushed green chilli salt to side

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