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Chicken Vegetable Stew


  • 4 pieces of chicken (for me 2 whole thighs, 2 drumsticks and 2 thighs)
  • 1 ccafé cumin powder
  • 1 csoupe olive oil
  • 1 onion
  • 1 can of 400g of tomato
  • 1 or 2 ccafé of harissa
  • 1 csoupe honey liquid
  • 2 zucchini (replaced for me by 1/2 green courgette, 1/2 yellow zucchini, 1/2 red pepper, 1 handful of peas and 8 green asparagus)
  • 1 box 400g chick peas
  • 1 poultry broth cube (optional)
  • QS salt, pepper, parsley leaves and chopped coriander, plus 1 or 2 minced mint leaves, not more.
  • Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan with a lid. Put the chicken to brown on all sides.
  • Season with salt and pepper.


Meanwhile, peel and chop the onion into thin strips. Wash the pepper, remove the stalk, seed, remove the white parts and cut into cubes.

When the chicken is almost golden, add the onions, pepper and cumin,

Mix well and let it scorch, stirring regularly to keep from burning.

Meanwhile, prepare all the remaining vegetables: cut the green zucchini into 1 cm slices, the yellow zucchini into 1.5 cm slices (it is longer to cook than the green), break the tail of the asparagus and cut the Stems in sections about 1cm long, keeping the heads whole.

When the onions are browned (but not burned!), Add the tomato dish, then fill it half full with water and pour into the frying pan. Also add the harissa and honey, mix thoroughly then add all the vegetables.

Add rinsed and drained chickpeas

Taste and add a cube of chicken broth (partly or wholly) if it is not salty enough, or simply salt.

Bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to simmer for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, chop parsley, mint and cilantro. Very little mint, otherwise it would take power over the flavors of the dish!

When cooked, add 3/4 of the herbs to the dish, reserving just enough to decorate the plates.


Divide into plates and sprinkle reserved herbs.

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