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Dibi (grilled meat)

Ingredients :

1 shoulder or leg of lamb 1.5 to 2 kg approximately
4 onions
2 CAS of mustard
6 garlic cloves, chopped
1 gold cube
salt, pepper, pepper
2 olive oil casks
1 CAC of rosemary
1 vegetarian chilli
1/2 CASE of ginger
some lemongrass slices

Preparation :

The first step is important, the meat must cook in the marinade for at least 5h, so do the day before or the morning for the evening …

Cut the meat into small pieces not too small either, put in a salad bowl.

Salt, add all the ingredients except the onions and 1 CAS of mustard and reserve the other. Mix well, film and let stand in refrigerator for at least 5 hours.

My cooking is done in 2 steps, good one is in France eh, everyone knows that it is hot to have a real wood fire so I cheat a little … Those who have the opportunity to make a real fire, ignore step 1.

First cooking: plug your electric barbecue, let warm well …

Place the pieces of meat and cover with a sheet of aluminum foil, turn every 5 minutes and cover, when it cooks too quickly, do not hesitate to put out the barbecue and always cover the meat, as soon as it is cooked , remove grill from barbecue and place on a plate.

Step 2: Clean the barbecue bin and dry thoroughly, I have small pieces of wood but if you do not have this, small coals will do. Make a fire in the vat with the wood or small coals, as soon as it is hot (to put in the sink or on the balcony if you have and attention to the fingers !!!), drop the grill, put the onions cut and marinated in big slices and cover the meat and leave to smoke, turn once in 5 minutes …

It is ready, put the meat in a salad bowl, spread the remaining mustard, and keep warm, roll in parchment paper then aluminum and leave on the rack, if the charcoal is extinguished, put in the oven pending serving …

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