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Meat Seed Sauce


1.5 kg of chicken legs, beef or fresh fish
1 trofaie box for sale in exotic stores
1 onion, salt, black pepper in mill grain
1 fresh red pepper
3 freshwater or dirt crabs
3 fresh tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
3 cooking cubes
1 bouquet of kablé (aromatic leaf bassamoise)


Cut the meat into large dice and wash well. Peel the onion, the garlic and chop the garlic. Cut the diced onion. Wash and cut the diced tomatoes. Book.
In a salad bowl season the meat with salt, a cube of crumbled cooking, chopped garlic and two pepper tops of the mill and mix.

Using a knife cut the teeth of the crabs wash and set aside.
In a heated casserole dish spoon the seasoned meat, tomato dices, onion and 20 cl water. Mix and pressurize. Whisper down the fire and pre-cook the meat for 15 minutes.

At the end of this time, reverse the contents of the trofaie box. Use the trofaie box as a measure to add one and a half times of water. Put the broth in the pan for 10 minutes.

Add the crabs, chili, bablé and cooking cubes. Let cook until the sauce thickens (45 min) and a red oil appears on the surface of the sauce.

When cooking skim the oil, adjust the seasoning if necessary and serve with a good foutou, white rice or attiéké according to your taste

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