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Peppered Kpomo


7 medium pieces of Kpomo (cow skin)

5 pieces of Scotch bonnet peppers (Ata rodo)

1 bulb of onion

2 tablespoons of chopped scent leaves

Seasoning cubes

2 Cooking spoons of Palm Oil

1 teaspoon dry pepper (chili powder)




Season with seasoning cubes, onion, dry pepper and salt and boil your kpomo till very soft. You may choose to use a pressure cooker to make this process faster.

Blend your pepper and onion without water till you obtain a rough texture as seen in the image below.

Chop your scent leaves and onions and set aside.

Heat up your palm oil and fry the onions and blended pepper and onion mix for about 2 minutes.

Add in your soft kpomo and stir fry. Check for seasoning and correct as necessary.

Sprinkle your scent leaves and stir in and serve hot.


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