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Platinum recipe

For this recipe you will need :

2 Plates of freshly prepared pasta (500g of compact cassava paste) at the local exotic store.

1 Liter of water.

In a salad bowl put the water and thoroughly dilute the placali. Put the chicken in the bowl twice in succession.Incline the salad bowl which contains the placali and let it sit for some time (about 30 min). After this time of laying, pour the white liquid that is on the surface and spill the rest in a pan with a handle and put it to heat (on low fire) by constantly turning with the pestle of placali.

Cooking the placali requires constant presence.When the liquid begins to cook turn vigorously with the wooden pestle by scraping the bottom and edges of the pan until a consistent and homogeneous paste is obtained.Wet your hand to scrape the dough that is on the edge of the pan and on the pestle.

When cooking spill the placali in a mortar
(another recipe to come) and make breads of placali.Servir with okra sauce.


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