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Recipe for Sweet little Swiss Cake


– 2 eggs
– 125g of softened butter
– 1 cup caster sugar
– 1/2 cup of milk
– 1 small swiss
– 2 cups flour
– 2 sachets of pastry yeast
– 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
– 40g of candied fruit
Orange Syrup
– 1 teaspoon of orange juice
– 70g of sugar
– 1 tablespoon of glucose
– 1 gelatin sheet

Preparation :

– Put the gelatin in soaking in cold water.
– In a saucepan, heat the orange juice, sugar and glucose, bring to a boil, stir constantly with a wooden spoon, allow to reduce for 8 minutes, out of the fire, add the drained gelatin, mix well, leave the syrup tired.
– Working in an electric mixer, softened butter and sugar until they are creamy, incorporate the eggs one by one and continue to work between each egg, incorporate the sifted flour, yeast, vanilla sugar, mix well , add the milk and small Swiss and work until the dough is homogeneous and creamy, gently incorporate the candied fruits.
– Butter and flour a missed pan, pour the mixture in, smooth the surface.
– Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 45 to 50 minutes.
– Check the cooking with the tip of a knife, it must stand clean, leave 10 minutes and unmold on a rack.
– Serve the cake in a dish and cover with warm syrup.


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