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Shredded Beef Sauce


  • shredded beef,
  • ginger,
  • garlic,
  • kpakpo shito,
  • white pepper,
  • Onga,
  • Soy sauce



    1. When it comes to beef, you need to go natural. You have your shredded beef, marinade with ginger, garlic, kpakpo shito, white pepper, some onga, soy sauce (mix together, a little salt because of onga), a perfect spice for beef. Allow youur marinaded beef to stand for some time so to absorb the juice from the mixture. Get your pan, add a teaspoon of olive oil, pour in your meat(beef). Stir to prevent from burning and also from sticking. Add a little water, allow to cook on a low heat so your meet does not become tough. With your assorted vegetable, cut into chunks to prevent it from shrinking. Add a little wine to have a flambé. Put in your vegetables, start with the firm vegetables first like carrots to the cabbage. Check on seasoning and adjust to your taste. I did not mention salt because with Onga, you have your perfect food without salt but if not, you can add a little to your perfection. Your shredded beef is ready to b served with plain rice, jacket potatoes, yam tart, boil spaghetti. Bon appeti. Remember to always eat healthy. Onga mama’s helping hand……


    1. I do add corn flour-water mixture to give me the juicy effect…typical of me I cannot eat rice with anything that doesn’t have juice. It works. If you want thick juice add more cornflour to water…Be careful not to turn it into banku ooo.


  1.  Please use Onga 3mix as the spice for the beef with a very little salt. That will give it an exceptional taste.


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