Août 6, 2017

Veal Stir-fry with Orange

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800 g veal chunks

1 onion

2 oranges 1/4 L of tomato coulis

1/4 L home-made poultry stock (recipe here)

1 branch of thyme salt pepper 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 small glass of orange liqueur


Remove the zest of an orange with a thrifty knife. Peel the two oranges, slide the blade of a knife along the membranes to remove the quarters. Collect the juice that runs out. Combine juice, orange quarters, orange liqueur and let macerate. Brown the veal pieces and the chopped onion with the olive oil. Reserve one zest of orange, add the others to the meat. Wet with the tomato coulis and chicken stock, add the thyme leaves, salt and pepper. Cover partially and cook at low boil for 1h1 / 2. Cut the reserved zest into thin strips, scald 2 min and refresh. Once the cooking is complete, add the orange quarters with the maceration juice, heat for another 2 min, check the seasoning, sprinkle with zest strips and serve with pasta. (Visited 2 times, 2 visits today)

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