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Yam Sauce With Vegetables

Ingredients For Yam Sauce With Vegetables

4 cups of sliced tomatoes
Fresh Peppers
Maggi or knorr cubes (2)
5 cups of sliced ugu (fluted pumpkin)
3 tablespoons of Ground crayfish
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil (10cl)

Start by preparing your ingredients. Wash and slice the leaves, tomatoes, peppers and onions.

The image below is a combination of sliced fresh tomato/pepperonions in a plate and sliced fluted pumpkin in another plate. I use some of this while making yam sauce. It would be nice to deep fry the fish after removing the center bone.

making tomato sauce

How To Make Sauce With Vegetables For Yam

Set your cooking pot on the burner, allow to dry then pour in about 15cl of vegetable oil, this would be enough for frying the fish and also for the main cooking. Allow the oil to heat for at least one minute before frying the fish for about three to five minutes, turn frequently to avoid burning, pick out the fish and set aside.

Transfer the sliced tomatoes/peppers/onions into the pot containing the oil and fry also for about five to ten minutes while stirring occasionally to avoid burning. Fry the tomatoes/peppers until it looses its sour taste due to frying.

We are almost done with making vegetable-tomato sauce for yam.

Once you are done with frying the tomatoes, add a cubes of knorr or maggi. How does it taste?

Add salt to taste, ground crayfish, taste. Stir and add the vegetables after a minute or two.
Vegetable sauce making

Allow to simmer for another three to 3-4 minutes.

Serve with cooked white yam. We just made a pot of tomato/vegetable sauce which is used for eating yam as well as rice, beans and few other Nigerian foods.


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